5 luxurious gifts for your loved one!


If you are looking for a special gift, something your loved one will cherish for her whole life, something of great value, but you can’t figure out what, here are 5 ideas of amazing furry gifts you will absolutely love:

1. Which woman wouldn’t fall in love with a magnificent piece of furry outerwear? You can choose between different designs, types of fur, colors, etc. From the king of fur sable, to other high quality furs like mink, chinchilla and astrakhan, or more approachable in terms of price types of fur like fox and rabbit, it is certain that you will undoubtedly find the perfect piece that will make her smile the minute she sees it!

2. A great look can’t be complete without the right accessories ..! And what can be better than an amazing furry accessory? There is a great variety to choose from! Bags (backpacks, handbags, cross bags etc) , hats , headbands, fur collars, scarfs ,keychains.! All of them made with high quality fur and of course great care, so that you can offer the best to your favorite person! Whatever her style, you will find what you’re looking for!

3. If your girl happens to be a home deco lover, guess what! We have just the perfect gift for her! You can choose between a large variety of the most luxurious and classy items, like warm and fluffy blankets, cozy rags, furry traverses, unique carpets and more! A special gift for your special one!

4. Leather is always a good idea! If your girl is more of a rock type, she will definitely enjoy a leather jacket, for both her formal and everyday outings! You can find one in many different colors. Choose her favorite!

5. For a very special occasion, let’s say a wedding or a gala or a formal soirée, we have just the thing you’re looking for! Our extraordinary etoles! The most suitable accessory to make a formal look as glamorous as it gets!

Some gifts are big, others are small, some are expensive , others are cheap! But the most precious ones are always those that come from the heart!