When you are fashion lover, your goal is to be stylish in every season. If you’re looking for an item to achieve this goal, this will definitely be the forever favorite leather jacket !

There are more than many ways to wear a leather jacket and many factors to determine how, like the length, the color, the size and others. Here we give you 5+1 ways to wear it :

1) “The casual” way:
Put your favorite jeans on, a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pullover , add your sneakers or low low heel boots, an oversized bag and of course your leather jacket! There you have it!

2) “The athletic” way :
Whether you’re about to hit the gym, or go out for a Sunday morning walk, put your tights, sweatpants or shorts on, combine it with your sneakers or ankle boots , choose a stylish back pack and don’t forget to throw your leather jacket on top!

3) “The formal” way :
Who said that leather and formal style don’t fit together? No matter what the occasion, a leather jacket can be the key element to rock a cocktail dress or an evening gown, combined with your high heels or leather boots! Dare it to wear it!

4) “The absolute leather” way:
Don’t be afraid to wear an all leather look, from head to toes! A leather pants or skirt, along with an oversized shirt , a pair of sneakers or leather boots (flat or high heeled) and the jacket on top, will make an unforgettable high fashioned look!

5) “The colourful” way :
Whether your leather jacket is black or brown, or yellow, or red etc. you can always create a perfect colour blocking look! The more colors the better the style!! Imagine a yellow leather jacket with a pair of red pants, or a black leather jacket with a yellow dress! Set your imagination free!

6) “The layering” way :
What’s more fashionable than a perfect layering look , during the winter months? You can wear your leather jacket under a furry vest, on top of a woolen cardigan, under your oversized winter coat or even under your woolen or silky wrap! Both style and warmth in just one look!

No Matter what your style is, make sure you express your true self in it! Love your body, believe in yourself and walk out the door with your invisible crown on! Confidence is never out of style…!