Are You Struggling to Find Plus Size Fur Garments? Here Is the Solution for You!

    In a world where fashion is continually evolving, one of the most challenging aspects for plus-size women is finding fashionable and high-quality fur garments. Despite the growing demand for size inclusivity, the market for plus-size fur coats and jackets remains limited, creating a frustrating shopping experience for many women out there.

    Especially in retail sales, most stores offer a limited availability of sizes, excluding plus-sizes options. Brands and designers prioritize “straight sizes”, that are considered to be the most commercially viable. This limited availability makes plus-size women to go to great lengths in terms of money and time, in order to find appropriate fur garments and apparel for them.

    Online shopping has provided to some extent relief to this problem  by offering a broader range of sizes, however, it also presents its own set of challenges. Sizing inconsistencies across brands makes it difficult for plus-size women to confidently purchase fur apparel online. Of course, customization, especially of luxury fur clothing, often comes with a hefty price tag. This financial barrier makes this process inaccessible for many women out there, limiting their ability to participate fully in the fashion world.

Our company

    In Papel Furs, we believe that everyone has a right to be included in fashion industry.

    The high-quality fur garments  of our company are designed to a wide range of sizes, from Small to 4XLarge. We also provide our clients with the opportunity of customization to tailor a product that meets their special needs and preferences . By contacting us, and giving us your measurements, we ensure a perfect fit and a flattering silhouette. And of course, throughout the whole process, our experienced professionals are always by your side to provide personalized recommendations and answer to your questions.

    Overall, finding a fur coat or jacket that fits well, looks stylish and be affortable as well, can be particularly challenging for plus-size women. It is time for the fashion industry of the modern world to embrase body divesity and include every woman out there in fashion.