Barguzinsky Vs Canadian Sable! Read Here The differences Between The Two Categories of The Ultimate Sobol Fur !

Renowned for its unparalleled softness, captivating sheen, and enduring warmth, sable fur has been draping the shoulders of royalty and celebrities for centuries, becoming the epitome of elegance and luxury. Sable fur is the superior category of fur garments and is considered to be one of the most durable furs in the world. It is known as “soft gold”, due to its incomparable quality, luxurious appearance and high price. Over the centuries, it became the sign of wealth and sophistication and owning a sable fur garment was equivalent of being a member of the upper society. There are two distinct types of sable, the Barguzinsky Sable (Russian) and the Canadian Sable, primarely differentiated by their geographical origin, quality, and market value. Let’s see the key differences between those two types of the ultimate sable fur:

Barguzinsky Sobol

  • Origin: The Barguzinsky sable is a variety of the sable species found primarily in the Barguzin Range of Siberia, Russia.
  • Fur Quality: It is known for its extremely high-quality fur, which is dense, silky, and often has a beautiful sheen. Barguzinsky sable fur is superior in density and silkiness. This type of fur is highly valued in the fur trade.
  • Color: Typically brown to almost black, with a characteristic silver sheen. This distinctive beautiful sheen is one of the reasons why Barguzinsky sable fur is particularly prized.
  • Prize: Due to their superior quality and rarity, Barguzinsky sable furs are among the most expensive in the world. However, for those who can afford them, these fur garments are definitely the most valuable investment.
  • Reputation: The Barguzinsky sable is regarded as the best quality sable fur available, the pinnacle of luxury in the fur industry. It is highly sought after by luxury brands and high-end fashion designers.

Canadian Sable

  • Origin: Canadian sables are found in Canada.
  • Fur Quality: The fur of Canadian sables is also of highest quality, but generally considered slightly less dense and less silky compared to the Barguzinsky sable. Despite the delicate texture of sable fur, sable fur garments are renowed for their exquisive durability and warmth.
  • Color: The fur color varies from light brown to dark brown, often without the silver tint found in Barguzinsky sables.
  • Prize: While still valuable, Canadian sable is typically less expensive than Barguzinsky sable due to the differences in density and availability. Canadian sable fur garments make this luxurious category of fur garments a bit more accesible to the consumers.
  • Reputation: Canadian sable fur is highly regarded in the fur industry and is known for its finest quality. The luxurious appearance of the sable fur combined with the excellent warmth of fur garments add to their desirability.


Overall, sable fur is undenyably the superior category of all the fur garments and the symbol of luxury and wealth. The incomperably luxurious appearance, the softness, the natural sheen, and durability make the sable fur garments the most desirable outerwear in the fur industry.