Blackglama Mink Fur – The World’s Finest Type of Mink Fur

Blackglama is the best quality of mink fur available in the market. It is worldwidely renowed for its top-notch quality and luxurious appeal. Some 0f the best coats and jackets sold every year in exclusive high fashion fur selling points are made of Blackglama fur, coming from the North American mink raised under specific conditions to ensure that this fur is of the highest standard. The interesting fact is that only the top 2% of North American mink are selected to be labeled as Blackglama! Blackglama mink fur garments of characteristic black color and shiny silky texture, over the years became the symbol of luxury and elegance.

  • The Blackglama name :

The name “Blackglama” comes from the combination of  the terms “black” and “GLMA,” which stands for the Great Lakes Mink Association, founded in 1960’s by American farmers to create a brand that would highlight the superior quality of their black mink furs. Those mink farmers were breeding together very dark mink into a new quality animal that would soon have the shortest, thickest and silkiest mink hair in the world. Those were used to manufacture shinier and better looking mink coats, the worldwide known Blackglama fur coats.

  • The Blackglama label :

It is worth to mention that the mink used for Blackglama fur garments are raised on small, family-owned farms in the United States. These farms adhere to strict standards to ensure the highest quality fur and animal welfare. Therefore, only the pelts that fulfill these requirements can be labed as Blackglama furs. Over the years, the demand for excellent quality fur garments has made fur companies selling all types of Black mink furs for Blackglama ones. That’s why, nowadays Blackglama pelts come with a certificate and a numbered label by the American auction house selling BLACKGLAMA fur skins to ensure authenticity and to verify that the specific coats and jackets are made by original Blackglama mink skins.

  • The Blackglama quality:

Blackglama mink furs are known for their exceptional quality, characterized by a rich, deep black color, silky texture, and luster. The fur is extremely dense and soft, making it highly coveted in the fashion industry and very comfortable to wear. Owning a Blackglama fur item, due to its excellent quality and luxurious appearance, is often seen as a symbol of status and luxury. The brand itself is synonymous with high fashion and exclusivity.

  • The Blackglama Campaigns:

Blackglama fur is also famous for its advertising campaigns featuring iconic celebrities and supermodels. The brand gained prominence through its iconic original advertising campaign featuring the tagline “What Becomes a Legend Most?” This campaign, which started in 1968, featured famous personalities and celebrities wearing Blackglama furs. The first celebrity to appear in the campaign was Lauren Bacall. Over the years, numerous high-profile celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, and Marlene Dietrich, were featured in Blackglama advertisements. This association with glamour and luxury significantly boosted the brand’s prestige.

Overall, undoubtedly, the Blackglama fur is the world’s finest type of mink fur! It represents a successful branding and marketing strategy that has elevated the perception of mink fur to a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.