How to decorate your home with furry accessories!


Fur products have taken over not just the fashion industry worldwide but have also become a trend when it comes to home decoration. The greatest decorators suggest furry accessories to make your home more cozy, warm and stylish during the cold winter months. Blankets, carpets, traverses, pillows and drapes are some of the things you can use as the main centerpieces in your living room, hallway and bedroom. Made of 100% natural fur (mink, fox, sable and other) in a large variety of colors. Fur products are known for their warmth, wonderful texture and softness along with their great endurance in time.
Imagine a beautiful carpet in front of your fireplace, or under your living room table. A fluffy drape or traverse over your couch or bed. Furry accessories are also a special decoration solution for the children’s room. You can choose from a classic pink carpet, pillows and blanket for your little girl or blue for your little boy, to any kind of color you and your children prefer for their room! With these furry touches, you make sure that your precious ones will keep warm while playing on the floor, or sleeping!
Set your imagination free and don’t be afraid to play with different combinations of textures and colors. You can use earthly tones if your house is consisted of those or even more bold ones if the house is modern. No matter what your choice is, it’s certain that your home will be upgraded in style , elegance and quality, maintaining the love and warmth a house should have!