Jennifer Lopez- A Genuine Fur Lover! J.Lo’s Fur Fashion Statements!

Jennifer Lopez is definitely known as one of the most iconic stylish women of the Hollywood showbiz. Her flawless style continues to be a great inspiration not only for her fans, but even for designers. In many of the fashion moments that stood out throughout the years of her career, she chose to wear real fur garments  and accessories. She is a truly fur lover, and she does not miss the chance to prove it in every appearance.

One such remarkable appearance in fur was made after she gave birth to her twins. She chose to wear an impressive real fox fur white coat that highlighted her star quality.

For her appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live show, J.Lo chose a glamorous oversize, ultra-fluffy white fur coat with an English collar. This statement-making long-line fox fur coat was the ideal solution to beat the winter cold in style.

The 54-year old star has definitely a thing for oversize, long-line, white fox fur coats. In one of the shows of her tour “Jennifer Lopez- All i have”, not only did she wear an impressive long-line real fox fur coat, but she dressed her female dancers in the same oversize coats, as well.

However, the most outstanding and much discussed look of all her appearances, is the oversize luxurious golden fox fur coat that she wore in the film “Hustlers”, in which she portrays a former stripper. The glamorous, ultra-fluffy, ankle-length coat is definitely the peak of supremacy and power.

Jennifer is truly a fox fur lover. In many occassions, she prefers to wear outstanding fox fur vests creating her own signature style. Fox fur vests are a luxurious and fashionable choice for adding warmth and style to an outfit.


Except for fox fur coats, Jennifer reinforces her reputation as a fur lover with a stunning chinchilla fur coat in natural color. Chinchilla fur is considered to be one of the most expensive and supreme categories of fur coats and it fairly remains a symbol of luxury and status.  It is truly an astonising luxurious fur garment that keeps her warm and makes her plain outfit a really classy and expensive one.


Last but not least, Jennifer Lopez also often wears impressive mink fur coats , timeless pieces that have retain their value over the years. The mink fur coat in warm brown color is the ideal choice to upgrade her casual outfit to a stylish, jaw-dropping one.


Finally, the star very often chooses to wear luxury fur collars and accessories to accompany her daily outfits. Surely, in most of her appearances, she is wearing sable and fox fur collars that make her outfits the classiest and most elegant ones in the showbiz.

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Overall, over the years, Jennifer Lopez is considered to be an international fashion icon and an inspiring figure for all the women out there! She is undeniable a fur lover and every appearance she makes is a fashion statement.