Spring/ Summer Styling Ideas for Fur Lovers! How to Incorporate Fur in your Collection!

When you are a fur lover and the winter is gone, you may find difficult to incorporate real fur into your spring /summer style. Here are some tips on how to incorporate real fur into your summer wardrobe:

   Fur vests and jackets: Fur vests and jackets can be a stylish addition to a spring outfit. You can pair them with a light, sleeveless top and shorts or a dress for a chic look that won’t overwhelm you in the heat. You can choose fur apparels made from lightweight fur materials like sheared mink or rabbit that are more suitable for warmer weather. Opt for fur garments in bright and light  colors like blue, yellow, white etc to keep the look seasonal and fresh.


    Fur footwearFur slides are the latest years’ fashion trend. You can wear them in every occasion, whether is a formal, or a casual streetstyle outfit upgrading your style to a really fabulous one! Fox fur slippers are soft, fluffy and there is a wide variety of colors to choose from for your summer adventures !


   Fur AccessoriesAnother alternative is to incorporate fur accessories to your daily outfits.  You can select beautiful handmade fur bags, keychains or even fur hats to add a touch of luxury to your look. It’s remarkable how fur accessories can elevate your style and turn all eyes on you!

By carefully selecting the right fur pieces and styling them appropriately, you can incorporate real fur into your spring /summer style in a fashionable and practical way. Now, you can be trendy in fur in every season!