Why Are Chinchilla Fur Garments So Special? Read Here What Makes Chinchilla Fur Coats and Jackets Stand Out!

Chinchilla fur garments are undenyably one of the superior and most luxurious categories of fur garments. Chinchilla fur coats and jackets are made from the fur of chinchillas. Over the centuries, this type of fur has been prized for its exceptional softness, density and distinctive appearance, incomperable to all the other categories of fur, adding to its desirability and price. Let’s see what makes chinchilla fur so special!

  • Chinchilla fur is soft, dense and hypoalleregic:

Chinchilla fur is worwidely known for its exceptional softness and density that cannot be compared to any other categories of fur. Chinchillas have one of the densest fur coats of any land mammal, with around 80-100 hairs per follicle compared to a human’s 1-2. This makes their fur 3o times softer than human hairs! Think about the feeling of softness that this material creates! Additionally, the highest density of this fur makes it also hypoallergic! You can never find any parasites, pests or any other organisms inhabit chinchilla’s fur. Therefore, if you have any type of allergy, a chinchilla fur coat is the ideal choice for you!

  • Chinchilla fur is warm:

Despite being lightweight,  the high density of chinchillas’ hair makes fur garments incredibly warm, providing excellent insulation against cold weather. So, not only are chinchilla fur garments comfortable, but they are ideal to beat the winter cold in style, as well.

  • Chinchilla fur is the symbol of luxury :

Over the years, chinchilla fur has became the symbol of status and luxury. The primary reason is that chinchillas are relatively small animals, and it takes a significant number of pelts to create a single garment. This rarity adds to its desirability and drives up the cost of  chinchilla fur garments. These type of fur garments are one of the most popular choices of fur garments among the Hollywood celebrities highlighting their status and their star quality. The distinctive appearance, velvety texture and oustanding coloring of chinchilla fur reinforces further the belief that chinchilla fur is one of the finest categories of fur available in the fashion industry! Chinchilla fur garments can also be dyed easily to a plethora of colors according to the buyer’s need and desires.

Overall, chinchilla fur definately stands out among the other categories of fur! Its softness and outstanding appearance has made chinchilla fur garments considered a symbol of opulence and exclusivity.