Why choose Mink fur?


No matter what phase you’re in life, as a woman, there are a few items, you ought to have in your wardrobe, such as the “classic little black dress”, a pair of black heels, your favorite jeans and of course a high quality fur coat! Speaking of fur, Mink is the most popular type of fur, in the fur industry worldwide! Mink coats are aristocratic, elegant, luxurious and are distinguished for their clean and accurate lines! Their texture is shinny, extremely warm, comfortable and easy to wear, elements that make mink coats a 24/7 item! They come in a variety of natural colors but can also be custom made in the artificial color you desire! A fur like this can last for a lifetime if you take care of it the proper way. Mink is and has always been the top choice for those who have an impeccable taste in fashion!