Why choose Sable fur?


There are many types of fur in the fur industry worldwide, but the most expensive and luxurious amongst them, is without a doubt Sable. Sable is the so called “fur of the Elite”, chosen by the most powerful and famous people in the world. If money is not an issue for you, then Sable is what you are looking for! What makes sable unique is not only how lightweight it is, but also it’s smooth, silky texture, and of course the free motion of the hair that is the main trademark . It comes in various natural, earthy colours, but nowadays the artificial ones, become more and more popular.
You can find sable coats in all kinds of lengths and designs , combined with various sable accessories. A short coat can be worn by younger, more active women, as the key element to their everyday style! Whereas a long coat is the right choice for a refined, formal, more sophisticated occasion.
Sable is among the most resilient types of fur, that with the proper care can last for almost a lifetime, retaining its original texture and silkiness. Concerning the cost , it can be defined from different factors such as the origin, colour, size, hair quality and other . If you are seeking for quality, perfection and luxury, a sable coat is a must have outerwear you ought to own, which will pass down to the next generations to come for years and years.