Who we are

In “Papel Furs”, we have been serving the Fur industry, for 50 years now, with morality, professionalism and credibility, but above all, with genuine interest, love and respect for the customer. What makes us stand out is the exquisite quality that derives from the passion and devotion that we have for what we do.

Since the late 1970’s, that the company was funded by Mr. Konstantinos Papanikolaou, we have managed to be pointed out as one of the most important and successful businesses in the whole Greece, with a notable presence on the international fur industry, in countries such as the United Arabic Emirates, Russia, Italy, Cyprus and more.

Your trust and preference, motivate us to become better. Our goal is to keep going beyond the call of duty and with the same feeling of responsibility towards you, to create top class pieces, of high quality and aesthetics, that will accompany you for a lifetime and on.