Rihanna! When the Queen of style wears fur!

Rihanna is known as the ultimate style goddess. Since she first appeared on the red carpet, back in the 2000s, she managed to create her own signature style. From simple casual outfits to high-fashion looks, she keeps evolving, making a huge impact in the fashion world, with people worldwide trying to copy her outfits. Riri has a great love for everything furry. Whether it’s coats we’re talking about or accessories, she never ceases to amaze us with her extravagant combinations. Let’s have a look on some of her furry choices !

The 35 year old star has a thing for knee -length fur coats. This specific one is a mink coat, in a warm brown colour, that accompanies her formal appearance in the most perfect way! A jaw dropping outfit, plain and classy, that takes our breath away!


An impressive ankle length mink coat, in a natural colour, combined with sneakers and shorts that give a sporty twist to this look. No one knows how to rock an everyday outfit better than Rihanna.!

Even in her pregnancies, the pop diva couldn’t be anything less than stunning! Here you see her wearing an amazing full length fox fur coat in a natural colour, along with a stylish pair of jeans, a graphic t-shirt, golden chains and of course her comfy sneakers! Rihanna definitely set new trends on how pregnant women can dress during this special period of their lives.!

We are over the top with this Barbie pink knee-length fox fur that Riri chose for her casual night outing, along with a hoodie, stylish sunglasses, jersey cap and a pair of bots! She wears it, we love it!

Last but not least, THE most impressive full length fox fur coat, in a natural colour! Once again in an everyday outfit, with sneakers and of course a pair of jeans.! Rihanna has undoubtedly mastered the art of everyday style

Over the years Rihanna has turned into an international fashion icon and one of the most influential people of all time! She is undeniably a huge fur lover, beautifying her outfits with the finest fur coats and accessories, in every occasion!

All you have to do is check her style out and DO IT LIKE RIHANNA!