“Thrive in your furry sporty chic look “

For centuries, fur was considered to be a status symbol , chosen by Royalty and members of high social classes, that reflected luxury and wealth.

Today, anyone who loves fashion and wants to look polished and stylish can have their own ! Fur items have always been one of the most desirable among many , in fashion . They can be hard to get, but yet obtainable. Luxurious and expensive , yet affordable. Nowadays, fashion has no rules. Therefore , a deluxe and extravagant item, such as a fur coat or furry accessory , due to its high durability and adjustability, can be worn everyday.

Women of today, don’t have to choose between comfort and style. They can have both. That’s called being sporty chic! What is the definition of a sporty chic look? The “athleisure look” is when class and elegance meet up with the street style. Shoes and clothes are modern and stylish but also practical and comfy, which is the main priority. In our days , the classy athleisure look is more popular than ever. How can one have a sporty chic outfit but still look more refined? They just have to add the right fur items to it!

Get the ultimate everyday furry athleisure style in 5 Steps!

Step 1: put on a comfortable pair of shoes . The options are plenty. You can either choose a pair of stylish sneakers , some great walking shoes or even biker boots!

Step 2: get yourself a pair of leggings, yoga pants, tights , sweatpants etc.

Step 3: add an oversized shirt, a t-shirt , an oversized sweatshirt .

Step 4: pay attention to the right furry outerwear!! You can choose between a long fur coat, a fluffy fur gillet or even a poncho .! A warm vest or a coat with a stylish hood, an extravagant cape or a polymorphic coat! Just name it, we have it! The options are endless! Fox, Mink, Astrakhan, Rabbit, Sable, Chinchilla! Whatever your dream fur is, you can find it!


Step 5: last but not least…. Add your fabulous furry accessories! Hats, beanies, scarfs, collars, bags , headbands, fur slides, keychains..!

There you have it…! Follow these steps and you will always thrive in your furry casual chic style .!

Don’t forget to bring along your best smile, confidence and your invisible crown…!